Design with home in mind


「Design with home in mind」為iThinking品牌經營的最大宗旨:將生活中平凡的用品,以家的溫暖為出發,進而轉換成有生命、具有療癒性,及感性為訴求的商品,搭配豐富的色彩,隨意創造更溫馨的生活氣氛!


iThinking was founded back in 2012 as a creative design department within the King Tony Tools brand. King Tony has designed, manufactured, and marketed professional tools for over 29 years. After three years of rapid growth, in 2014 April 1st, iThinking as a completely and independently affiliated company, separated from King Tony Tools, becoming “iThinking Original Design Co., Ltd.”. As iThinking gold is to offer services to everyone who demands excellent products, we decided to extend our ambition and service spirit to create more household products.

「Design with home in mind」 is the fundamental purpose of iThinking brand management: Design household objects with warmth; convert natural biology prototype into living and healing commodities with emotional demands; create a cozy living atmosphere with rich colors!



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