Small Rowboat Stationery Set


5-in-1 Stationery Set

It doesn’t seem possible. That a Rowboat with so much ─ a business card holder, a storage box, a tape dispenser, a clip holder, and a pen holder ─ could be so exquisite and economical.


Close Design

The sweet design of magnetic rower keeps your office table clean and tidy.

close design

Smooth, Well-Made, Eco-friendly

It is made from ABS; applying rubber coating to the surface to give it a smooth and quality finish.


Four Gorgeous Colors

The color palette makes it a stunning stationery. Red is the most traditional color of chinese culture; green gives it a natural look. It’s impossible to choose one, but you have to!

four colorscolors

Package Designed for Display

Beautiful and effective package design gives the product a unique egde to stand out from the rest.


Detachable Design

Magnetic clip holder can be a single item, which is an ideal product for promotion. It’s useful, it’s colorful, and it’s easy to get attention. Contact us to print your logo on it.

detachable design

Made in Taiwan & a Creative design brand belongs to King Tony Group which has designed,manufactured and marketed excellent professional tools for over 27 years.



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